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IT Manaement Companies

  • 1.  IT Manaement Companies

    Posted 08-16-2019 12:41

    I am looking for a good IT management company in the Houston area that is able to support all business technology. I have found a few whose websites look good, but I am looking for those with actual experience with those companies. I am currently looking at the following, but am open to other recommendations:

    Elevated Technologies
    Computer Courage
    Expert Computer Solutions

    Thanks in advance,

    Allison Bissonette
    Assistant Controller
    Steel Masters LP
    Houston TX
    (713) 464-8652

  • 2.  RE: IT Manaement Companies

    Posted 08-19-2019 10:10
    We use CiCG, Lorin Williams.  He has been doing our IT for over 10 years.  I highly recommend him.
    His contact information is lwilliams@cicg.com.  He is able to take care of our servers, most of our software, and is extremely efficient.  Lorin's telephone number is 713-299-1538.
    If you would like to contact myself, here is my contact information.  Paula Hansen, Pieper Houston Electric, 713-984-9342.

    Paula Hansen

    Paula Hansen
    Pieper Houston Electric
    Houston TX
    (713) 825-6796