History of the Houston Chapter

The CFMA Houston Chapter was founded in June of 1984 when Marty Eckert then with WS Bellows Construction, gathered a group of construction financial professionals to discuss the feasibility of having a local chapter.  The local chapter organizing committee also consisted of George Adams of Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Company, Ronnie Dickerson of The Emde Company, Bill Fischer of Baxter/Basic Construction, Jay Kaplan of Mayan Construction, Greg Koontz of  Mayan Builders, Bob Morgan of Arthur Andersen & Company, and Byron Wake then of HA Lott, Inc.

The group saw the benefits of CFMA and subsequently met several times during the summer and fall with the focus of determining the level of interest in the construction community, building a list of potential members, establishing the details of the local chapter and arranging the first meeting.  The planning culminated with the inaugural luncheon held on November 14, 1984 at the Westin Galleria with New Jersey construction attorney, Robert Peckar and one of the original members of CFMA as the speakers.

The first meeting was a success thus the Houston Chapter of CFMA began and quickly became one of the largest and most active chapters in CFMA.  The Chapters involvement in the National Organization has been varied.  During a rainy October in 1986 the Houston Chapter hosted the fall National Conference.  There have been five National CFMA presidents that were or are currently Houston chapter members, Marty Eckert, Byron Wake, Don Stephens, Danny Parrish, and Steve Lords.  In addition the Houston chapter members have consistently been active on various National committees and boards.  The Houston Chapter also consistently sends incoming Chapter Presidents to the Annual Spring Creek Leadership training.